FD NeuroSilver Kit II (large)

FD NeuroSilver Kit II is designed for the detection of degenerating neurons in fixed tissue sections of the central nervous system of experimental animals. The principle of this kit is based on the findings that some components of neurons that undergo degeneration, such as lysosomes, axons, and terminals, become particularly argyrophilic. Under certain conditions, these cellular elements bind to silver ions with high affinity. Upon reduction, the silver ions form metallic grains that are visible under a light or electron microscope.

FD NeuroSilver Kit II has been used extensively in animal studies under various experimental conditions. This kit has proven to be extremely specific and sensitive for the detection of degenerating cells, axons, and neuronal terminals in both the brain and the spinal cord (cf. photo samples). It is particularly useful for the detection of small numbers of degenerating neurons that may not be demonstrable with routine histopathological techniques.

The FD NeuroSilver  II kit has also been shown to be highly sensitive and reliable for the detection of amyloid plaques in the brain of transgenic mice (cf. photographic samples). Furthermore, this kit can be used to demonstrate neurodegeneration and/or amyloid plaques in tissue sections that have been processed for immunohistochemistry (cf. photographic samples). The FD NeuroSilver Kit II procedure takes approximately 1 hour.

Kit contents:

  • Solution A 500 ml
  • Solution B 500 ml
  • Solution C 500 ml x 2
  • Solution D 500 ml
  • Solution E 2 ml
  • Solution F 3 ml
  • Solution G (10X) 500 ml
  • Glass Sample Retriever 2
  • Brush for natural hair 1
  • User Manual 1
  • Materials required but not included:
  • Bidistilled water

Tissue culture plates (6 wells)

Histological equipment and supplies, including gelatin-coated microscope slides, glass coverslips, hairbrush, staining bottles, xylene or xylene substitutes, and a light microscope.

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